August 16th, 2019

It’s been a long time…

This blog is not used a lot anymore… Most information comes through the PROMETHEE Methods LinkedIn group now.

If you want to receive up-to-date information, please join us on LinkedIn!

In the meantime, we had a wonderful PROMETHEE Days 2019 workshop in Split last May and we are expecting an even better workshop in Rabat in June 2020.

Please check the web sites for more information:

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PROMETHEE returns to Greece!

May 8th, 2018

Born in 1982, now 38 year-old, PROMETHEE is returning to the land of his ancestors: Greece… well, actually Crete!

The PROMETHEE Days 2018 workshop will take place in Heraklion on May 22-25, together with the ICDSST 2018 meeting of the EURO Working Group on DSS.

It will certainly be a very nice meeting with a PROMETHEE Days stream including 17 papers, 2 invited speakers and a panel discussion on “Ethics & Decision”.

If you want to join us in Heraklion, or if you are interested to attend or organize one of the next PROMETHEE Days workshops, please check the website:

or don’t hesitate to contact me:


Spring 2017

March 19th, 2017

Bye bye Winter! Two days left!

It was not visible on the blog but this Winter has been intensive and time has run so quickly…

  • PROMETHEE Days 2017 are approaching. The programme will be available soon and I will be very happy to meet you in Portsmouth (UK) on May 11-12. Check the website for information and registration.
  • ICDSST 2017 will take place in Namur (Belgium) on May 29-31. It is the meeting of the EURO Working Group on DSS and it will have a special PROMETHEE flavor this year as Jean-Pierre Brans will give a plenary lecture on PROMETHEE, MCDA and Ethics. Visit the website for more information:
  • PROMETHEE has moved (well… at least I have) to a new house in the countryside called Wallifornia, South of Brussels. It has taken a lot of time to unplug, to pack, to move, to drill, to paint, to unpack, to plug, … and it is not finished yet… but I am writing this post from the new PromCave, right under the PROMETHEE Mansion. Villains beware, the Prom Knight is back to Brussels City. 😉 Which means that computers are on. Stay tuned for software development on
  • Still  looking for a new more reliable PromMobile… Suggestions welcome at

Don’t forget the other information channels for the PROMETHEE Community:

  • On the PROMETHEE website:
  • On Twitter: @bmaresc to follow me and @prometheedays for specific PROMETHEE Days information.
  • On LinkedIn: you are welcome to connect with me and with the close to 200 members of the PROMETHEE decision aid methods group.

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November 4th, 2016

It’s been such a long time…

Most recent information went through Twitter and LinkedIn. I kinda forgot about the blog…

Sorry about that.

Please stay tuned for forthcoming information… and do not forget the other PROMETHEE information channels:

There are several interesting PROMETHEE activities scheduled for 2017.

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1st PROMETHEE Academy – Montréal, April 29-30

March 31st, 2016

The 1st PROMETHEE Academy will take place at GERAD in Montréal on  April 29-30, just a few days before the PROMETHEE Days 2016 meeting.

It is a 2-day course on MCDA, the PROMETHEE methods and the Visual PROMETHEE software.

Participants will learn how to better use the PROMETHEE methodology and the software. They will also receive a free Visual PROMETHEE Business Edition license.

For more information about the PROMETHEE Academy, please check the web site at:

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Deadlines extended to March 15

March 2nd, 2016

It is still time to submit your work for presentation as the submission deadlines for both PROMETHEE Days 2016 (Montréal, May 2-4) and EURO 2016 (Poznan, July 3-6) have been extended to March 15.

That’s the last call… Hurry and make your abstracts ready!

I am looking forward to see you and to learn more about your PROMETHEE research soon in Montréal and/or in Poznan.

Best regards,

EURO 2016 Poznan – PROMETHEE sessions

February 25th, 2016

Dear Colleague, Dear member of the PROMETHEE Community,

The EURO 2016 deadline for abstract submission (March 1st) is approaching and it is now time to get ready to attend this major OR conference.
If you wish to submit an abstract on a PROMETHEE-related topic (theory, application, survey, …) you are welcome to submit it to the PROMETHEE sessions that are organized at the EURO 2016 Conference. Please follow this procedure:
  • Connect to the conference website at
  • Navigate to the abstract submission page.
  • Choose the option « Abstract in an Invited Session » with the following submission code: 68453319
And don’t forget the PROMETHEE Days 2016 in Montréal, May 2-4, and the PROMETHEE Academy, April 29-30. Registration is still open. Check
I am looking forward to meet you in Montréal in May and in Poznan in July.
Best regards,

Last Call for Papers – PROMETHEE Days 2016

February 16th, 2016
PROMETHEE Days 2016 – Montréal, May 2-4, 2016
Deadline for paper submission : February 29
It is still time to submit a paper for the PROMETHEE Days 2016 and to compete for the J.P. Brans PROMETHEE Award. Indeed the paper submission deadline has been extended to February 29 to match the Optimization Days 2016 general deadline.
The PROMETHEE Days 2016 workshop will take place in Montréal from May 2 to 4, 2016, together with the Optimization Days 2016 International Conference. It is organized by my long-time friend Jean-Philippe Waaub (UQAM, CA) and it is a great opportunity for you to share your PROMETHEE experience with PROMETHEE Community’s fellows in one of the nicest places in North America.
Papers related to theoretical developments, comparative analyses or practical applications of the PROMETHEE multicriteria decision aid methods are welcome.
The best paper presented during the workshop will be granted the « Jean-Pierre Brans PROMETHEE Award » and all participants will have the opportunity to submit full versions of their papers for a special issue of the International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making.
The Call for Papers and complete information related to the workshop are available online from the PROMETHEE Days web site:
or directly from the Optimization Days 2016 web site:
Don’t forget to submit your paper and be sure to use the specific PROMETHEE Days 2016 submission form rather than the general Optimization Days 2016 form.
I am looking forward to meet you in Montréal next May.
In the meantime don’t forget to visit the PROMETHEE-GAIA web site:
and to follow @prometheedays on Twitter to receive news and announcements:
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need more information.
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February 3rd, 2016

Several PROMETHEE activities and milestones are scheduled in 2016:

  • The PROMETHEE Bibliographical Database crossed the 1300 references level yesterday. We can expect to reach 1500 references in 2016. Check
  • In April, the 1st PROMETHEE Academy will take place in Montréal. The right place and the right time to become a certified PROMETHEE scientist and to learn how to master the Visual PROMETHEE software. And to prepare for…
  • The PROMETHEE Days 2016 workshop that will take place in May in Montréal, together with the Optimization Days 2016 conference. Check
  • The PROMETHEE Jean-Pierre Brans Award will honor the best paper presented at PROMETHEE Days 2016. Will you be the 3rd Award Winner?
  • In July, the EURO 2016 conference will include PROMETHEE sessions. Contact me for participation:
  • Plus more to come…

To be sure to get up to date information, several information channels are available: LinkedIn bmaresc , Twitter @bmaresc

Check and register.


Merry Christmas

December 24th, 2015